The Vacuum is a small creative studio made up of thinkers, designers, directors and developers. We have skills in creative strategy, identity, print, interactive, facebook, mobile, live action directing, cinematography, editing, motion graphics and 3D. We like to work in any and all media that effectively helps our clients achieve their goals.

We started small and have come a long way in a short time to work with heavy hitters like Nike, ESPN, Puma and Toyota. More importantly, we've created a bunch of cool work that made our clients happy, engaged their customers and delivered real results. Please ask us for references because no one can say it better than our clients!

We're a friendly bunch of people that're real nice to work with. We're headquartered in the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada (and arguably the world) of Squamish BC, located in the stunning Sea to Sky Corridor between the bustling metropolis of Vancouver and the resort town of Whistler. The Outdoor Recreation Capital is an official title too, rightfully designated, as minutes from our studio is world-class skiing, snowboarding, climbing, mountain biking, hiking… anything that you can recreate outdoors with, we got it, and get after it. It's in this outdoor sports Shangri-la we can work hard and do super-creative work, yet still escape into the wild places, and is why we've all come here to play for the Vacuum team.

We take our work very seriously, and ourselves lightly. After all, our "corporate structure" is based on a hockey team. Game on, eh!


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