Campaign Concepting

This is a brand-new partnership, and like any exciting new relationship, we just wanna tell everyone! Our first order of business was campaign concepting for the Fall 2015 collection, and we recently completed Spring 2016. These projects feel a bit like time travel, especially since we’re still a year away from being able to show anything publicly!

Posted by kris
December 10, 2014 - 1:36pm

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Bigfootage is live

Vacuum's very own Stock Footage site!

We've been working on Bigfootage as a side project for the last 2 years (yes, 2 years!) and it feels amazing to finally show it to the world. It's a high-end stock footage site, focusing on action sports, nature and more. The footage is exclusively in HD and RED RAW (R3D) formats.

A big shout out to our founding partners B4Apres, Sherpas Cinema, Switchback Entertainment, Reel Water and Nicolas Teichrob. These cinematographers are some of the best in the business, and Bigfootage wouldn't be much of anything without them. Thank you for believing in us when we weren't much more than an idea.

Bigfootage has heaps of stock footage including Skiing and snowboarding footage, Surfing, Nature and of course the ever useful Timelapse Footage for all those transitions from scene to scene.

Besides being a resource for stock video footage, Bigfootage shows Vacuum's capabilities in building a large-scale ecommerce site.

Posted by nate
August 9, 2013 - 1:50pm

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Spearhead Sneak-Peek

Logo, Identity, Print, Web, Motion & more...

We've been working with Spearhead for many months now, and it's about time we leaked some of the results. We began with a 2-day intensive brand workshop with key Spearhead stakeholders, that resulted in a merger of two company divisions, 'Spearhead Timberworks' and 'Clearform Design', to simply 'Spearhead'. Integration is good, Batman. We then redesigned their logo, letterhead, business cards, brand guidelines, a little half page print ad and we're currently redoing their website. This will undoubtedly become a case study, but we just couldn't sit on all this any longer. Here's a sneak peek, much more to come.

You can see the interim version of their site here.

Posted by nate
May 29, 2012 - 10:16am

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