100,000 Likes in 48 hours!

The Vacuum and Juniper Park create a feeding frenzy for Ruffles.

People like chips, we mean they really like them! 

100,000 likes in 48 hours. How 'bout that? A combination of junk food idolatry, great design by Juniper Park and Facebook wizardry from our side meant that the "Get Bagged" promotion for Ruffles was a huge success.

Just before the holidays, we helped our friends at Toronto Agency Juniper Park, by making a Facebook application to give away some free and delicious chips. It was a huge success, generating a ton of Likes in record time (like 180,000 Likes in 1 week. We like that). Get Bagged was the fastest growing page on Facebook during the week of the campaign (pretty sweet) and also included videos of some very hungry fish at dinner time... Piranhas, a fish tank and meat = Feeding Frenzy!!

Click here to see how the Feeding Frenzies were built and shot, it's a good read!

Posted by renee
January 16, 2011 - 3:34pm

TAGS: facebook / Flash / Get Bagged / Juniper Park / Ruffles / Streaming Video / Toronto Agency