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Fitbit – Fitforgood

Fitbit had $1 Million to donate, and the goal of creating a compelling and engaging charity campaign. Participants in Fitforgood selected one of three charities to support. During the course of the campaign, their steps counted towards that charity’s total. The charity with the most steps taken at the end of the campaign got the biggest chunk of the million-dollar pie, which incentivized the charity partners to activate their networks and augmented our PR impressions. 
We concepted an approach that would engage users in the campaign, leveraging an element of competition. Participants could easily track their own progress from the campaign dashboard, and see how the charity of their choice stood up to the other two charities, all in real time. By utilizing Fitbit data, we were able to share out unique milestone badges and in-Fitbit-app notifications with participants. Users were also given ‘bonus steps’ for sharing out their experience in their social channels, resulting in over 118,000 social posts, and a 28% share rate from our dashboard.

FitForGood was a resounding success, resulting in 319,869 participants (up from just 30,000 in the previous years’ campaign), millions of PR impressions, and over 25 Billion steps taken. Our web app saw over 1.3 million sessions during the course of the two-week campaign.